"We took the decision to move from a previous ball tracking provider as our business needed to cater as much for the non-golfer entertainment and family market as it did for the golfer wishing to practice.

Inrange promised that their products would enhance the experience for all of these groups and we are delighted to say this promise was fulfilled. Inrange is the first range technology company to really have fully thought through the experience from both sides of the market and they have brought this to life brilliantly”
Matthew Stilwell  -  Chief Vision Officer
Horton Park Golf Club

Horton Park In Numbers

26 Bays
All Inrange Enabled
Increase in families & kids on the range
Revenue Increase Since switching to Inrange.
+26 Bays
Planned expansion
Horton Park Golf Club


Horton Park Golf Club

Horton Park Virtual World

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