Jan 2023

Foresight Sports and Inrange Partner to Introduce All-New Driving Range Experience

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Foresight Sports and Inrange Partner to Introduce All-New Driving Range Experience

San Diego, CA - Foresight Sports, the leading provider of golf simulation technology, and Inrange, a cutting-edge golf driving range practice and entertainment company, are teaming up to bring the most advanced golf simulation technology to golfers via two all-new Inrange driving range experiences.

The strategic partnership is initially focused on the introduction of two new driving range products: Inrange Ultra Compact Range and Inrange Academy and Elite Player Bay, both powered by Foresight Sport’s award-winning launch monitor technology.

The new Inrange Ultra Compact Range uses proprietary software and hardware from both companies to deliver a fully customizable, immersive range-experience in a much smaller footprint. The cutting-edge product offers numerous benefits – such as reducing land costs for developing a full-scale entertainment facility as well as providing smaller footprint practice ranges access to industry-leading launch monitor and driving range technology.

The new Inrange Academy and Elite Player Bay integrates data from Foresight Sports launch monitors to serve their clients with the most accurate and comprehensive data available. With this integration, player data including smash factor, spin, launch angle, ball speed, swing speed, and more will be available in the bays. These metrics will provide clients, instructors, and elite players with the tools they need to analyze their game performance like never before. 

Rick Cuellar, Director of Sales at Foresight Sports, says this about the new partnership. "Our partnership with Inrange allows us to bring our industry-leading technology to a wider range of customers. We’re incredibly excited to offer this new full-stack technology to the green grass community, especially smaller footprint practice ranges."

Nick Longley, Co-Founder of Inrange, added,

“We have seen first-hand how the accurate, consistent data our radar-based tracking provides has transformed the range experience for every kind of player. This new partnership takes that experience to the next level. Our partner facilities now have the opportunity to give their players and coaches the most complete picture of every shot ever achieved on a driving range."

To learn more about Foresight Sports' complete line of launch monitors, golf simulators and performance and entertainment software, visit the company's website at foresightsports.com.

For more information on Inrange’s product offering, please contact your Inrange Sales Manager or visit the company's website at inrangegolf.com.

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