Mar 2023

Inrange® Golf set to launch first ‘game changer’ range

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Inrange® Golf set to launch first ‘game changer’ range

Players in the Netherlands are set to enjoy the full Inrange® Golf experience, in a fraction of the space a typical driving range would need. Harderwold Golf & Events, located in the town of Zeewolde, is due to re-open their upgraded driving range on April 1st. 

The venue offers a 9-hole golf course, a golf school and a ‘cage’ driving range, with a shortened outfield and Inrange® touchscreen set up in every bay. With the addition of Inrange® on the driving range, Harderwold can now attract more golfers who want to practice with purpose and enjoy a data driven session, as well as offer their events customers games, challenges and bay vs bay competitions.

No other driving range tracking system on the market has been able to solve the shortened outfield solution adequately as yet, but the expert engineers at Inrange®, who cut their teeth working in space exploration radar systems, have been able to model the full bull flight in the virtual range space with the same hyper-accuracy as their full-field sites around the globe.  

This Compact Range experience is set to shift the way the industry thinks about off-course golf and the potential to turn a small space into a golf themed customer experience with the Inrange® suite.

Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Inrange®, Nick Longley, had this to say about this launch:

“The latest industry figures show that off-course golf is really taking off right now, and anyone with a range space should be capitalizing on that opportunity. Our Compact and Ultra Compact Ranges (with Foresight Sports) offer customers who couldn’t previously bring in tech, the chance to ensure they are able to see some of this upside. It also creates serious business opportunities for developers, land owners and entrepreneurs in high traffic areas who want to build a world class golf experience, at a much more affordable rate.”

Harderwold is the first of many Inrange® Compact Ranges launching this year, with others set to open in Australia and Korea in the Springtime.

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