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Radar tracking.

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Progression in the palm of your hand.
Practice never felt this good.
Golf. But different.

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Welcome to your personal in-bay touchscreen.

Everything you need make your session more structured, more productive and more fun is a few taps away.

PRO-TIP: Take 2 minutes to create an Inrange profile and log in each time you play. After your session, head to the Inrange app to see all your shot data, dispersion charts, challenge leaderboards and more.

Don’t practice. PLAY.

This isn’t just practice. It’s Play.

Immersive games that are just as fun for a complete beginner as a scratch player.

Use your skills to out-play your buddies in a game of Bullseye or Shrinking Target.

Shoot for the range leaderboards with our addictive skill-based challenges.

All from the comfort of your own bay.

Virtual Courses

Our virtual courses are part of the multiplayer range experience and can only be found on Inrange+. When you're booking online, make sure you add Inrange+ to your reservation.

World Class Courses

Book an Inrange+ bay with friends and take on iconic courses from around the world.

plAY your way

You can now play a round when it suits you. After work or in your lunch break, any day of the week.

Pure fun

No members fees, no dress code, just friendly competition with friends, no matter their skill level.

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Progression in the palm of your hand.

Effective practice blends enjoyment with improvement.

We've developed the world's first driving range handicap: the Inrange Handicap®. With virtual targets that scale to each player’s Inrange Handicap® and simple-to-interpret, yet deep numerical data, it has never been so easy for every player to see their progress over time.


Welcome to the future of the range


How does Inrange® Work?

Inrange® uses state-of-the-art radars to geolocate the exact position of your ball hundreds of times throughout its flight, instantly relaying the data to your in-bay touchscreen or iOS/Android device. ​ Your ball’s flight is tracked with precision from launch to landing, calculating carry distance (how far the ball has travelled through the air). Thereafter, our sophisticated bounce & roll algorithm calculates how far your ball would have rolled for an accurate total distance on every shot.

How accurate is the ball tracking?

In a nutshell, extremely. Our radars see the exact location of your ball throughout it's flight, so however your ball flies, its exact flight path will be shown on the in-bay touchscreens or in the Inrange® app on your own iOS/Android device (you can download this here and use it free).).

How much does it cost?

There’s no additional charge to use Inrange® or the Inrange® app if you’re a solo player coming to the range for a practice session. If you’re coming with friends, there is an additional charge for Inrange+™ which gives you access to a host of immersive multiplayer games and the full suite of Inrange+™ virtual golf courses.

How do I see my shot data after play?

Download the Inrange® app from the App Store or Google Play Store and register for a free account. That way you can review & analyse every shot you play in every session with stats including shot dispersion, distance, ball speed, performance by club, Inrange® Handicap™ progression and much more.

What is the Inrange Handicap?

The Inrange® Handicap™ is a world first - now, every time you visit the range, you’ll be able answer the question “how did I play today?”

Once you earn your custom Inrange® Handicap™ (full details on how to do this can be found in the Inrange® App Explore Tab) your range’s targets will be matched to your current skill level. As your Inrange® Handicap™ improves with focused practice over time, the targets will scale down to make sure you’re always being challenged.  Also, with an Inrange® Handicap™ you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses in your game so you can work on enhancing your strengths and improving your weaknesses through focused practice with each visit to the range.

What is the difference between Inrange® & Inrange +™

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Inrange® is designed as a single-user progress-oriented practice experience, designed by golfers, for golfers. With data-driven practice modes, Inrange® Handicap™ progression, skill-based challenges, Inrange® takes takes golf training to a new level.

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Inrange+™ on the other hand is all about fun with friends & family. Whether your game is a little rusty or you’ve never picked up a club before, Inrange+™ was designed for you.  Simply book a group bay and play the immersive golf games or try a round of virtual golf on Inrange+™ courses. This is golf, but not like you’ve seen before...

Note: Inrange® and Inrange+™ are both delivered through the same in-bay touchscreen monitors. Inrange® can also be accessed through the Inrange® App for iOS and Android.

The Future of the Driving Range is LIVE.

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