Golf is for everyone

The key to a really successful range is making sure you have something on offer, for every visitor.


The Experience Range

It's a lot more than just installing technology. It’s a formula that creates a dedicated customer base that comes more often, stays longer, and spends more.

We call this… the Experience Range.

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The multi-bay group experience

No other tracking software on the market can offer a larger group experience at the range.

Matthew Stilwell
Chief Vision Officer,
Maple Leaf Golf
"Inrange® is the first range technology company to really have fully thought through the experience from both sides of the market and they have brought this to life brilliantly"
JR Friend
Director of Golf,
Boca West Country Club
"We’re always trying to offer our members unparalleled experiences, and we went with Inrange because you get all the swing information and there is a gaming component as well - so it is educational and fun."
James Cooper
Managing Director of Avid Sports
(Swing City Project)
"What Inrange offers perfectly matches our ambitions to make practice more rewarding, and bring families and friends together on the range."
Neal Burnett
CEO and Founder of
Back 9 Golf
"We chose Inrange® because their radar tracking technology is the most accurate and reliable system on the market. Having tracking of that calibre powering Back 9 Golf, is the key to the memorable experience we offer our visitors."

An enriching experience for every type of range

You want to create the right experience for your visitors, no matter the venue type, and we can help make that happen.

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Not a vendor, a partner

We understand that installing tech at your range is only one ingredient in the recipe for success. That’s why we offer our partners so much more.

Commercial Planning

  • Business Case Development
  • Site plans and layout
  • VIP bay development & theming
  • POS & Bay management software solutions
  • F&B Concepts

Revenue Optimisation

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Rich data analytics and actionable insights to drive growth
  • Opportunities to participate in activation days with high profile brand partners
  • Staff training

Marketing Strategies

  • Access to hundreds of ready-to-use physical and digital marketing assets via the Inrange® Brand Hub
  • Out-of-the-box events and competitions
  • Newsletter, social media & website upgrade assistance through an Inrange® preferred agency

Technical Support

  • Unlimited technical support with the continuous goal of immediate response and  zero downtime
  • Virtual and boots-on-the-ground support and maintenance. Not a vendor, a partner.

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