Prizes, Rules, & How it works

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Up for grabs each round
*$250 golf voucher to the winner of each category, each round.


*Golf vouchers distributed between the QF, SF, and Finals - with the IWT Tour Champion taking home over $2,000
*golf brands you can choose will be dependant on the region you live in.


  1. Players need an Inrange account to compete and players must log in to access the event in Single Player Campaigns.
  2. Players must have earned their Inrange handicap (before you play) for their scores to count - this eliminates cheating.
  3. Still need your Inrange® Handicap? Learn how to get it HERE
  4. Only one Inrange account per player - if a player is found using multiple accounts, they will be disqualified immediately.
  5. There will be no mulligans in tournament mode.
  6. Only the players best score will count - and you can play the course as many times as you like (except in the December Live Final)
  7. No Inrange or range staff (including coaches or pro players) are eligible to win in the playoffs.
  8. Anyone found cheating will be removed from the tour
  9. Round ends at 11:59 PST on final day of each month

How it works

The IWT is split into a regular season and the playoffs. You will compete within your Inrange Handicap category (you must have an Inrange Handicap to compete), with the top players in each category making the playoffs. There will be prizes for category winners of each round, as well as a grand prize for the overall IWT champion. ‘Local heroes’ (the highest IWT ranked player at each range) will win tour swag during the regular season.

The players who make the cut for the playoffs, will be decided as follows:
Regular Season
(top 60% including ties, with a minimum of 100 players, advance)
Quarter Finals
(top 40%, including ties, advance)
Semi Finals
(top 10 players, including ties, advance)
(IWT Champion Crowned)
Ranking Points
The 5 regular season tour events will be worth a set number of points divided by the total field. Each round will be worth more points than the previous round, so you don’t have to play every event to qualify for the playoffs. Your IWT ranking points will be determined by your score on the course (all ties will be pooled together and split amongst the tied players). There will be bonus points for any Eagles (+25) and hole in ones (+100) you score each round. You can play the round as many times as you like so keep entering to improve your score or get more Eagles.


Event 1 has a total value of 1000 IWT points. You score -5 on the course with 1 eagle. Your -5 ends up being Tied 20th place and you are tied with 21 other players. The points allocated for 20th down to 41st position total 640 for all those places. Split amongst the 22 of you, each player on -5 would receive 29.09 IWT points + you got an eagle which is worth 25pts. So your IWT score for the round would be 54.09.