Inrange Experiences

Explore three Inrange experiences: solo practice, social play with Inrange+, and multibay events with Inrange+ Teams.

The ultimate practice experience

Just swing.

Enables players to follow their own practice routine, with precision radar tracking of every shot & in-depth data for good measure.

Get on course.

Our Virtual Fairway mode takes range practice into the environment where it matters most: the course itself. Visualise your tee shot and step up.

Shrinking Target Challenge

Take on the Shrinking Targets Challenge. As your accuracy improves, the targets get smaller, raising the stakes with each shot. Hone your precision to succeed or brace for a tougher challenge as the game progresses!

Longest Drive Challenge

It's all about you, the competition, and the open fairway. Strike the ball straight, true, and as far as you can to secure the top spot and earn those bragging rights.

Nearest to Pin Challenge

Aim for the island green and avoid the water. Your goal is to score as many points as possible in this precision-focused challenge.

Tee to Green Challenge

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Tee to Green! Aim to land in the pink zone to score, but remember, you have only a limited number of shots for each hole. This challenge is a perfect blend of precision, strategy, and control, testing your skills with every shot.

The ultimate social experience


Walk the line between accuracy and risk as you dial in your approach while competing for the high score!

Shrinking Target

The more accurate you are, the smaller the targets get (and the riskier each shot becomes). Dial in your accuracy or feel the burn!

Twenty One

Are you brave enough to go all in? It’s poker faces at the ready as you compete to reach a score of 21 (or bust!)


Choose your weapons, select your target & take aim because it’s time to cause total destruction — and score big — amongst the post-apocalyptic ruins in Destroyer.

The ultimate group experience

Play to score

Teams earn points in each game, with more points for more teams. In games like “Bullseye”, points are based on ranking. Scoring varies by game, using either top individual scores or team averages. Teams can replay games to improve scores and should first complete all games before focusing on those with lower rankings. The overall leaderboard reflects total points from all games.