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About Inrange

Our story

Our story starts a long way from the first tee. Because our technical team honed their skills developing the world's most powerful radio telescopes, helping to discover the origins of the universe itself.

But as (amateur) golfers, they saw another way to use the same technology. Not just to make something more accurate (though it is), and not just to make practice more fun (though it does), but to do something bigger.

To use technology, combined with the more informal environment of the range to open up the game of golf. To make practice fun again. To bring in a whole new generation of players. To redefine what 'playing golf' actually looks like.

About Inrange

How we work

Everything we do is underpinned by 5 simple principles. If an idea aligns with them, we run with it. If it doesn’t, we don’t.

Progression through fun.

Enjoyment and improvement go hand in hand. The way to bring new players to the game is to give them an unforgettable first experience. Just as the best practice – and the only kind that works – happens when you have fun.

Golf is for everyone.

We design for the needs of EVERY level of performance, from complete beginner to scratch golfer – and enable different abilities to enjoy the game together. It's only fun when we're all having fun.

Partner not product.

What we make is nothing without the range itself. We produce a physical product, but we take it to market through partnership. We’re here to help our partners grow through delivering a great playing experience.

Magical simplicity.

We work tirelessly on the technology so that for the user and the range owner, it disappears behind a playing and management experience that’s intuitive, effortless and magical.

Technical perfection.

Approximate isn’t good enough. ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough. We strive for technical perfection so that we see every single shot. So our range partners never have to worry. So serious players can trust our data. So social players can brag with confidence.

About Inrange

Meet the team

SJ Marais

SJ Marais

Inrange® co-founder, SJ Marais, has a passion for golf exceeded only by the technical expertise gained over nearly 2 decades' experience designing and developing antennas and high frequency electronics.

A resident of Stellenbosch, SA, SJ completed his Master of Engineering (M.Eng) specialising in RF Electronics and Antenna Engineering at Stellenbosch University in 2006 before beginning work on developing cryogenic receivers for the MeerKAT radio telescope.

In 2015 he turned his attention to developing the distributed radar sensor golf ball tracking technology that would become Inrange.

Nick Longley

Nick Longley

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Inrange® co-founder, Nick Longley is a Chartered Accountant by training with a professional background in finance, software, product development and investment management.

Nick has combined his considerable experience in finance and technology with his passion for sport to contribute to the development of the Inrange® product suite.

Based in London, UK, Nick now works in concert with Inrange®'s parent company, Alphawave, to provide current and future Inrange® partner ranges around the world with the tools to usher in a new generation of gamified, profitable golf experiences.


David Rayner

As Inrange® head of global sales, David manages various project streams including client relations, marketing, sales finance, product and installations.

After receiving his BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol in 2011, David went on to work at various major software and investment firms.

Since joining the Inrange® team, David has led game development, product design and customer development, focused on providing a remarkable entertainment product for golf range owners across the globe.

When not visiting Inrange® partner ranges around the globe, David is based in London, UK.

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