March 2024

3 months after switching range technology - Dobson Ranch is ‘Smashing’ it

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3 months after switching range technology - Dobson Ranch is ‘Smashing’ it

[Arizona, USA]: Dobson Ranch, one of the busiest and most customer-centric golf destinations in Arizona are all set for a busy summer of events and activations thanks to their new found partnership with Inrange. 

The group operates venues in Mesa, Arizona, Palm Beach Florida, and Maui Hawaii. With a strong focus on the dedicated golfer, and the golfer who likes to have fun - they create unique events and experiences around the driving range, and having Inrange® has only taken them to the next level.

“Some would see a switch in range tech as a big move - with some risk involved. But having tried out the Inrange® system myself - and seeing that their accuracy - and more importantly reliability is off the charts good - it made it a pretty easy decision for us”

Joe Dahlstrom, Owner, Paradigm Golf

The Dobson Ranch venue, partnered with their in-house SmashersOn digital agency, have already utilized the expertly-designed gamification of practice on the Inrange® system to host Long Drive, Nearest to Pin and Shrinking Target (a skills challenge unique to Inrange®) contests with their players - as well as hosted a full range, 30+ bay vs bay Inrange+ Teams event with the ASU Baseball team - which was a huge success.

“Numbers don’t lie - we are killing it right now! The players who knew the old system can’t stop thanking us for bringing in Inrange®. We are up on our tech usage by 30% in the first 3 months alone. So are we happy that we switched? You bet! ”

Matt Stark, VP of Partnerships, Dobson Ranch

More and more ranges are adopting the gamification of golf practice to bring back an element of fun to the range, while still challenging golfers to compete - and to hone their skills come competition time. This is a simple recipe for huge success that Inrange® partner venues around the world are enjoying. 

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