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OuR Tech

How It Works

Advanced radar technology

We place multiple radar sensors around your range. Through what seems like magic, each sensor is able to track the flight of every ball within its field of view.

Non-intrusive implementation

The sensors are placed to create an overlapping radar field array, providing multiple data-points on each ball flight for total accuracy.

Instant feedback

Our system identifies which bay the ball has been hit from, instantly relaying the data to that bay's logged-in device. All in the time it takes you to lower your club and look over to your monitor or mobile device.

Works 24/7

We're engineers first and foremost. We develop, build and install our systems to last - and to keep your range pumping 7 days a week.

OuR Tech

One System. Unlimited Options.

Once our sensors are installed, each bay can be configured to deliver the experience you and your players want. And these configurations can be changed how you want, when you want, as your business grows.

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