Sept 2022

A premium experience: Why more high-end country clubs are choosing Inrange®

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A premium experience: Why more high-end country clubs are choosing Inrange®

Grey Oaks Country Club (a Platinum Club® of America member), located in Naples, Florida, is enhancing its member experience by upgrading its golf offering with the installation of Inrange® - the leading Range Experience Technology product on the market - becoming the second high-end country club in the USA to do so. 

As part of their continuing improvement in experiences for their members and guests, the premier club (which also offers 54 award winning holes of golf) is bringing a whole new experience to Southwest Florida. The decision to partner with Inrange® was one that Grey Oaks felt would take their facility to the next level.

“The most important thing to us is that we consistently innovate and expand the range of experiences we offer our members. Adding Inrange® to our golf offerings achieves that goal.” Don Emery, CCM - General Manager of Grey Oaks CC

The Inrange® installation will bring a state-of-the-art range experience to every bay at Grey Oaks, while blending seamlessly into the premium environment. The nineteen green grass tees appear unchanged, except for distinctive mobile device cradles. Every shot from these bays is tracked by Inrange® radar sensors and relayed in real time to the members' own phones or tablets, where they also have access to the full Inrange® practice and challenge software suite. 

From the comfort of multiple indoor and outdoor covered bays, members can use Inrange® HD touchscreens, which also enable a social gaming experience with family and guests using Inrange+TM entertainment software.

“Our goal is to make golf accessible for everyone. That could be through a really productive, data-driven and rewarding practice session - or it could be lunch with family and friends enjoying Inrange+ together. The country club space is one where we truly see both these experiences come to life, and we’re excited for the members of Grey Oaks to experience golf, the Inrange® way.” Nick Longley - CEO & Co-Founder of Inrange®

Grey Oaks is the latest premium facility to join a growing line-up of Inrange®-enabled ranges across the USA. Having established a strong presence in the UK, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle-East, this London-based business is now rapidly expanding its presence in North America. Range operators, including several high-end country clubs like Grey Oaks, have been won over by Inrange’s innovative approach which places both the player and operator experience at the heart of everything they do.  

“With a greater emphasis on top-line player experience within our industry, Inrange® is fast becoming the practice and entertainment product of choice in the USA, and we’re expecting a lot more facilities like Grey Oaks to come on board in the near future. I am honored to work with this prestigious club.”  Stu MacDonald - North American Executive for Inrange®

Inrange® is set to launch their practice and entertainment product at a few driving ranges across the USA before the end of 2022, and even more are in discussions for a 2023 installation.

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