March 2023

First Inrange® venues in Scandinavia to go live in 2024

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First Inrange® venues in Scandinavia to go live in 2024

The first of the two venues - HGC Golf & Events in Gothenburg, Sweden, are switching from their current range technology provider to Inrange®, in a bid to revolutionize Gothenburg’s golf scene.

The Inrange® software is built around three distinct visitor experiences. Namely, golf practice, golf entertainment, and multi-bay events. Jonas Ilinge, MD of HGC Golf & Events had this to say about their decision to bring in Inrange:

“We know that range technology has been available for some time, and there are good products in the market focused on golf practice. But at HGC, we’re not just looking to attract golfers, we want to be a venue where everyone in Gothenburg can come and have a great time. We believe Inrange® is the only range technology that focuses on customers across all demographics. This is key for us as we look to deliver on our growth plans for the future”.

The 33 bay, two-story range is due to go live with Inrange® in the first quarter of 2024. 

The second Scandinavian venue - Royal Golf Club Copenhagen - is situated in a prime location, just 5 km south of Copenhagen's center and next door to the 814-room AC Hotel Bella Sky (the largest hotel in Scandinavia) and the Bella Convention and Congress Center. On their decision to bring in Inrange, commercial director, Marc Riesel, had this to say:

“We made sure to take our time in finding not just a supplier, but the right supplier. In the end we chose Inrange® because they think differently from the rest. They bring an end-to-end, customer centric approach to their technology, which is focussed on the user experience, and creating a memorable practice or social event with friends - that makes customers want to come back more and more. We cannot wait to ‘Go Pink’ with Inrange®” 

- Marc Riesel, Commercial Director at Royal Club Copenhagen 

Scandinavian players will be able to take part in Inrange's global competitions for the first time this summer.

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