Dec 2023

Inrange® launch new practice challenge for golfers

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Inrange® launch new practice challenge for golfers

[London, UK]: Truly dedicated golfers are less likely to see the range as a valuable spend, unless they can get direct, relatable feedback about how well their practice will transfer to the real course. But innovations such as this one by Inrange Golf® are sure to entice golfers of all skill levels to spend more time at their partners’ facilities.

Tee to Green, is a GIR (green in regulation) based challenge that was designed to add pressure to every practice session. Approach shots, be it off the tee or a 2nd shot on a Par 4, has long been a make-or-break shot for players looking to shoot under par. But being able to simulate the pressure that comes with it, is something Inrange® has made sure stays true in Tee to Green.

They achieve this by applying their trademarked (and world first) range practice handicap algorithm to the challenge. Where the target area that a player must land in, is auto-adjusted to their current level of skill. That means a +1 player and 30 handicapper, will both have a fair shot of making it onto their range top scores leaderboard. 

“Tee to Green provides the ultimate course-based challenge for golfers whilst at the range. It has been designed to provide a true test of course strategy and effectively simulates on-course pressure. Every level (hole) will present you a new challenge, slightly more difficult than the last, creating a rewarding and compelling experience for players of all skill-levels.”

- Will Kerr, Product Manager at Inrange

The gamification of approach shots (arguably the most crucial skill on the course), is going to bring players back more regularly as they look to sharpen their skills before the next season comes around. And the leaderboards and scoring also allows range owners to set up league nights, play-for-prizes events and drive on-range competitions that golfers will want to take part in. 

Tee to Green will be on display at the Orlando PGA Show in January, so if you’re going to be there, visit the Inrange (stand #1957) and you can see for yourself how they are taking the range practice experience to the next level.

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