Inrange® launch World Tour to bring ‘Range Golf as a Sport’ to players

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Inrange® launch World Tour to bring ‘Range Golf as a Sport’ to players

With off-course participation in golf exploding right now, facilities with a range space are aggressively looking for ways to capitalize on this influx of players to their venues. 

The introduction of the Inrange® World Tour is the first step taken by the radar technology company in bringing to life their vision that Range Golf can be a sport all on its own - with majors, tours, live shootout events and more. This taps into the competitive DNA of every player and bleeds into the core belief of Inrange®: that the driving range should be a place where players can practice and compete (both of which lead to improvement of the players game and overall experience.)

Inrange® players, across 6 continents, now have the chance to compete to win over $25,000 in prizes. Most importantly the competition is designed so that everyone can take part and uses the trademarked Inrange Handicap™ to flight the field across 6 categories, including an all-female category. The virtual course tournament will include the likes of Royal Lytham & St. Annes, Valderama, Pebble Beach and more.

When asked about the tour, Inrange® product owner Will Kerr had this to say:

“Some people can’t commit time to a full round or golf tour, which is why we are bringing the tour to them. In one hour at the range, a player can enter and compete against hundreds of thousands of other Inrange® players.. We believe this will add more enjoyment to their range experience, and start to create micro-golfing communities at the ranges themselves - something facility owners have been wanting for years.”

Will Kerr, Lead of Product at Inrange®

We also asked a current Inrange® partner what they thought of the introduction of the tour at their venue. And they had this to say:

“We have always wanted our players to be able to compete more on the range - and now they will. This is very exciting and we are keen to see how our players stack up against the rest - plus the tour allows us to monetize every other area of our business, from coaching to IWT discounts in the pro shop etc. We can’t wait for this event to tee off”

Matt Stilwell, General Manager, Horton Golf Park

To learn a bit more about the IWT and follow the progress along the way, Inrange® has launched a Player Portal with a dedicated Tour event page - you can visit it here.

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