Oct 2022

Northern Ireland's first ‘Experience Range’ soaring

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Northern Ireland's first ‘Experience Range’ soaring

Players in Northern Ireland have been traveling from all over to try out the newly upgraded Laganview Golf Center. The commercial driving range, located between Belfast and Lisburn, made the decision to upgrade their facility in the summer and further enhance their guest experience. One of the main changes was to partner with the market leaders in The Experience Range concept, Inrange® Golf. 

The decision has already been a massive hit amongst the community - with the venue seeing their busiest, and most profitable August and September ever. Owner of the venue, Nigel Rosbotham, couldn’t be happier with his decision to add Inrange to his golf center.

“Having Inrange® installed at our site has taken our venue to a whole new level. Players are raving about their experience here and telling their friends to come try it - we’ve never been this busy! We’re now able to charge a little more for the enhanced practice experience, and we’re putting in a few more hitting bays for social groups and multiplayer bookings which will add even more revenue to our bottom line.  My only regret is that I didn’t make this decision sooner.”

Their double-story, 40 bay, floodlit range has been kitted out with Inrange® radars in the outfield and a premium touchscreen in every stall. So rather than just a bucket of balls to hit into the outfield, visitors now have a totally different experience at their fingertips. The Inrange® Golf software is dual-purpose, offering a data-driven and statistically rich practice experience for those looking to hone their skills or enter sponsored competitions, and also offers a full suite of exciting games (on Inrange+™) for groups to compete in fun and interactive games on the range.

The Inrange® software is only one ingredient in the recipe for success in creating the Experience Range though, and Russell Tindale (customer success manager at Inrange® Golf) has been walking through the steps with Laganview to help them get it right from day 1.

“This venue is absolutely humming right now - thanks to a combination of Laganview adopting our easy to follow tech introduction plan, and how proactive their management have been in getting players excited about the changes. This site is going to reach new heights working with us, and it won’t be long until other venues in the region make the shift too.”

The Experience Range concept is fast becoming the standard blueprint for range success and Inrange® Golf will be launching at venues in the Netherlands, Vietnam, Australia and Korea in the near future. 

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