March 2024

The first Inrange® Indoor experience goes live as Wedge launches in Malaysia

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The first Inrange® Indoor experience goes live as Wedge launches in Malaysia

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] With golf entertainment booming around the globe right now, business owners (both in the golf and non-golf entertainment sectors) are looking for ideal, inner-city locations where they can create a world class golf experience. And the latest brand to open their doors is Wedge, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The project was scoped out to be a premium venue for golf players as well as entertainment and events/party seekers who wanted to enjoy the full-range experience, but indoors. So Tom Sarginson and his partners turned to Inrange® Golf - who have the best golf and entertainment product on the market.

“The venue has turned out better than I'd hoped, and we’ve been blown away by people’s responses. Inrange® is a big hit - the games work so well in the space”

Tom Sarginson, Co-owner of Wedge

Traditionally Inrange® have installed their radar tracking and in-bay software at commercial driving ranges and country clubs across the globe, with a wide variety of partners from serious golf venues (like Boca West CC) to hugely popular Entertainment golf venues (like Back 9 and LaunchPad in the USA and Canada respectively.) But this is the first venture into the indoor space for Inrange®.

“When I met Tom and he explained his vision for the kind of customer experience he wanted to create, I knew we had to work together. I predict the demand for this kind of solution is going to explode in the next 3-5 years.”

Nick Longley, Co-Founder of Inrange Golf

The Inrange® Indoor experience can stand alone as a full venue, but also gives traditional driving range owners an opportunity to bring in additional indoor bays to their facility - for bad weather days (or months) or fit into an unused area of the club that is crying out for another revenue stream.

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