May 2023

Top Golf challenger Back 9 selects Inrange® for full stack entertainment solution

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Top Golf challenger Back 9 selects Inrange® for full stack entertainment solution

Indianapolis, USA: There are two things we can be sure of in the driving range technology space right now. One - entertainment golf is here to stay and two - not all tech is equal. 

Back 9 Golf and Entertainment, a group based in the USA, are set to become serious contenders to Top Golf for a share of the entertainment golf space - which has already proved to be a multi-million dollar industry. 

Their first off-course venue is up and running and while they already utilized Inrange® Golf’s hyper-accurate radar-ball tracking at the site, they were yet to bring in their software. A visit to London, England, to try the product as well as meet the Inrange® team in person, changed everything. 

“If we are going to achieve our business goals in the golf entertainment space, then we need the best and most user engaging gaming suite available. Inrange® had already delivered above and beyond our expectations on the tracking and customer support side of things, so we wanted to test their software. Once we spent some time with the team in London, we were convinced by what they had built. It is far and away the most compelling entertainment offer on the market and we are excited to build future sites with them”

 - Neil Burnett, Owner, Back 9 Golf & Entertainment.

The partnership involves bringing in all three of the Inrange® Golf off-course experiences. A data driven and pro-level practice experience, the Inrange+ multiplayer offering, as well as Inrange+ Teams: a multi-bay events and large group functionality which allows people to play as teams, against other bays (the only range technology in the world that offers this functionality).

Inrange® has now been brought into the Back 9 Indianapolis venue, replacing a previous software provider, and customers are already loving it. Every evening of the week the venue is packed and with summer just around the corner, Back 9 has some very exciting events and concerts planned to take the golf+entertainment experience to the next level.

Co-founder of Inrange® Nick Longley has also weighed in on this partnership:

“The success of the Inrange business is predicated on working with great entrepreneurs who see the world the same way that we do and Neal and his team are just that. The Back 9 have a mission to deliver the next generation of Golf Entertainment and this aligns perfectly to our vision to create a new standard for a great driving range experience”.

The Back 9 group have already begun their planning with Inrange® on the development of multiple new-build sites across the USA, and becomes part of Inrange®'s already impressive entertainment focussed portfolio across the world (with sites already launched in the UK, Indonesia and the Netherlands in 2022. And development already underway in Australia and Canada to go live in summer 2023).

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