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But different.

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Immersive multiplayer gaming at the driving range.



Let's play


It's just you, the competition and the fairway. Hit it straight, true and far to claim top spot - and the bragging rights.

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Animated leaderboard

Longest Drive isn’t just about having a good time with friends and family, it’s also about coming away with bragging rights - and your name up in lights.

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Achievements and rewards

Have you gone the distance? In-game animations emphasise the achievement of hitting personal bests and climbing the leaderboard.

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Stadium environment

Inspired by the epic World Long Drive Championship, Longest Drive takes place in a floodlit stadium environment for maximum pressure - and maximum fun. 


Walk the line between accuracy and risk as you dial in your approach while competing for the high score!

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Turn-based gameplay

Channel your inner Tiger as you and your group take turns to play towards range targets mapped and rendered to perfectly match the range you're playing on.

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Achievements and rewards

Landed that sweet shot bang in the middle of the target? Get the recognition you deserve right there on the in-bay touchscreen and gallery screens.

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It's 'game on' for everyone

You might not be the best golfer in your group, but with a little strategy and targets scaled to your skill level, sweet sweet victory can still be yours.


Are you brave enough to go all in? It’s poker faces at the ready as you compete to reach a score of 21 (or bust!)

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Pick a card.

Will you play it safe by keeping your cards close to your chest - or will you take a risk and go long in search of the perfect hand? *Poker face sold separately.

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Go all in.

Fortune favours the brave! Combine skill, courage (and perhaps a spot of luck!) to reach 21 and earn your place on the range leaderboard for all to see.

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You win some...

Build your hand toward 21 with care - and skill - by hitting targets with a corresponding point value. Miss and your fate will be left to a random draw.


The more accurate you are, the smaller the targets get (and the riskier each shot becomes). Dial in your accuracy or feel the burn!

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Hit the target

The concept is simple, the execution is risky. Pick a target with a corresponding score value and hit it to earn as many points as possible while avoiding the lava.

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Accuracy matters

The game gets harder, and the targets get smaller and smaller, the better you play. In Shrinking Target you live - or burn - by your accuracy.

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You're on fire!

Keep hitting the target and soon you'll be on fire (but in a good way). Build a multi-shot streak to quickly rack up your points and leave the competition behind.

“I never thought I’d come to the driving range, spend nearly 4 hours there, and not get bored!!”


Virtual Courses

world class courses

You can play a virtual round on a selection of the worlds best courses, as well as take on our unique Par 3 challenge.

short game Roulette

When you're within 25yds from the hole, your short game wheel will appear. The closer you are, the more chances you have of draining the putt in one.

True Golf Scoring

Avoid the rough and course hazards to keep that score under par for the round.

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