Golf Clubs, Resorts and Country Clubs

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Matthew Linderman
COO, Boca West Country Club
Golf Clubs, Resorts and Country Clubs

The Guest Experience

Create an unparalleled member experience with a premium digital range that makes data-driven practice possible, builds community and gets your full member base using your range.

Data-driven practice, perfected

Inrange® and the Inrange® App give your players a dedicated, progress-oriented practice experience that drives their development and keeps them coming back for more.

Immersive product

The Inrange® Golf Practice and Inrange+® entertainment products are designed to engage everyone equally — from existing golfers to the “which end do I hit it with” total beginner.

Diverse offering

From premium food & beverage offerings, retail concepts and diverse on-site activities to luxurious fitted bays with high-res monitors and gallery screens, your venue can offer it all.

Golf Clubs, Resorts and Country Clubs

The Business Case

Level up your range

Create a driving range experience that’s on par with your course through precision green-grass tracking and a personalised, progression-oriented practice journey.

Stay ahead of the curve

Offer a future-driven digital range environment that delights and retains members with a practice experience that goes beyond just great tech.

Complete the experience

Open up the opportunities for a premium food & beverage integration that changes the way members think about and experience your range.

“We will be regulars and just wanted to let you know - what a fantastic investment you have made.”

- Ian Morris

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