Entertainment Golf Venues

Tailored entertainment experience for new-build facilities

Chief Vision Officer, Maple Leaf Golf
Entertainment Golf Venues

The Guest Experience

Dedicated entertainment experience with an ever-expanding suite of games and courses to keep multiplayers groups coming back for more, more often.

Custom-designed solution

Bring your entertainment vision to life in partnership with us to build a customer base of raving fans who love the unique destination you’ve created.

Immersive product 

The Inrange® Golf Practice and Inrange+® entertainment products are designed to engage everyone equally — from existing golfers to the “which end do I hit it with” total beginner.

Diverse offering

From premium food & beverage offerings, retail concepts and diverse on-site activities to luxurious fitted bays with high-res monitors and gallery screens, your venue can offer it all.

Entertainment Golf Venues

The Business Case

A differentiated offering

Bring your custom entertainment concept to life, creating a differentiated offering without needing to build to rigid specifications.

Premium-priced entertainment offer 

Command premium prices for a tech-enabled entertainment experience that appeals to a broad demographic of both golfers and non-golfers.

Partnership to bring your vision to life

Benefit from our combination of business acumen, golf industry know-how, technical expertise and experience bringing similar entertainment concepts to life

“You’ve done an amazing job with Inrange, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve been an on-and-off golfer [until now] but using Inrange has sparked my interest HUGELY again. I simply can’t get enough and I find dreaming of going to the driving range occupying a massive portion of my brain!”

- Mike Stainfield

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