Commercial Driving Ranges

The complete experience for practice ranges

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Commercial Driving Ranges

The Guest Experience

Transform practice for your players with unparalleled practice technology while boosting revenue by opening up your range to a new customer base through a dedicated entertainment offering that caters to the full spectrum of players.

Data-driven practice, perfected

Inrange® and the Inrange® App give your players a dedicated, progress-oriented practice experience that drives their development and keeps them coming back for more.

Open up your range

Whether it’s a family day out, a date night, corporate or group booking, the Inrange+™ entertainment suite creates an immersive in-bay gaming experience for multiplayer groups of every level. 

A fully integrated offering

Inrange® enables you to create a fully integrated business by pairing seamlessly with booking and ball system management, club rental and your on-site facilities like cafes, bars, restaurants, pro shop, adventure golf and more.

Commercial Driving Ranges

The Business Case

One system, every kind of player

With a single, elegant, low-disruption installation, the Inrange® system caters for every type of player — from progression-oriented golfer to entertainment-focused non-golfer.

A new way of doing business

Shift away from the price-per-bucket paradigm once and for all and instead embrace your real inventory: premium-priced hours in bay.

Secondary revenue streams

Unlock your range’s true revenue potential and tap into secondary revenue streams including food & beverage, club hire and retail, all at premium rates. 

“You’ve done an amazing job with Inrange, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve been an on-and-off golfer [until now] but using Inrange has sparked my interest HUGELY again. I simply can’t get enough and I find dreaming of going to the driving range occupying a massive portion of my brain!”

- Mike Stainfield

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